Alone In My Heart

Itís raining tears in my heart again,
For I do not know where my man has been.
He knows what heís gotóI belong to him.
And thatís enough to bring him home again.

My world revolves around my man and me.
What we have is not a fantasy.
Heís got a woman whoís pure in soul;
Worth every ounce her weight in gold.

This woman belongs to him alone,
And Iíll always be in his heart and home.
Iíll be there to please him and give him my best
To help preserve and protect his spiritual self.

I will fight for my man and our relationship
with a fiery intensity that will not quit.
Iíll guard our love with everything in me,
To protect it from frivolous flight or whimsy.

Oh what joy, my man will see,
when he returns tonight and comes back to me.
I respect my man, and his every desire;
when he comes home, weíll rekindle our fire.

The tears in my heart will soon be gone,
because I know my manís coming home.
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