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With Every Breath

With every breath I realize
the wonder that is you;
the way you walk,
the way you talk,
the things you say,
and the things you do.

With every breath I visualize
your inviting personality,
your unbridled sensuality;
how wonderful it feels
to love you in reality.

With every breath I realize
your sweet caress and tender kiss,
the private moments of eternal bliss;
the sweet aroma of your natural fragrance, the lingering thoughts I can’t dismiss.

With every breath I realize
you make my life complete;
with you standing right beside,
I will never know defeat.
This site is dedicated to short love poems, poems of love, as writing romantic love poems is for me, a passion. It gives me a chance to set the world aside and ponder. Sweet love poems. The kind that allow me to visualize the love I will enjoy one day. An opportunity to recite the “I love you” poems, rarely ever heard. Thank you for visiting this site and experiencing these often short sweet love poems. Beautiful poems that speak about a free love, a new love, a true love, a lost love, the best love, the first love and yes falling in love. For these .....are sensual poems of love and passion.
               New Love

If you fall, I will catch you,

If you fail, I will succeed,

If you are broken, I will make you whole,

If you are lonely, I will hold you close,

If you cry I will kiss away your salted tears,

And when you laugh I will feast on your joy.

And when we make love, I will fill you.
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Short Love Poems
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