To Us

Tonight, this very moment, my dreams have all come true.
It seems IĎve waited a lifetime, to be this close to you.

Through the dim light of the candles, I see reality,
Itís fragranced with your aroma and potent sensuality.

These new sensations that I feel are so convincing and so pure.
This love is predestined for eternity and is made to endure.

For you are my soul-mate, my loving destiny,
That which makes my life complete, and my soul feel so free.

To finally meet and be with you was beyond my expectation,
You walked blindly into my life and fulfilled my every aspiration.

Sweet precious woman, because of you Iíve found
my life has new meaning, each day is more profound.

I commit to you, my dear; my love, my soul and mind,
I pledge that my love will last until the end of time.

Devotion is what I promise, to allow our love to mature,
I will honor and adore you, each day more and more.

Adoration of your radiant beauty, and intimate gifts of love,
Iíll treasure and reserve for you; no other will deserve.

I now know of joy, happiness, warmth and tenderness;
the power that you possess to steal my heart with one sweet kiss.

You bring peace and calm to my stormy soul,
Your love is so gratifying, itís amazing to behold.

I dedicate my love to you; darling, hereís to us,
For with all my soul, dearest, it is only you I trust.
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Short Love Poems by Sterling Hall
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