Love’s Pledge

As your lover and your partner,
I pledge my life and love to you.

So long as there’s air to breathe,
I will work and toil for thee.

So long as the sun shines in the sky,
I bow in the grace of your beauty.

So long as the wind blows,
I will wrap myself in your fragrance.

So long as I live and breathe,
I will protect you from hurt and harm.

So long as my ears are the entrance to my mind,
I will listen and value your counsel.

So long as I can earnestly ponder,
my thoughts will be of you.

So long as my heart continues to beat,
I will love you in every way.

And so long as I can walk the path of life,
you will be there;
Not in front, nor in the back;
not in humility, or duty.
But beside me--equally!
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Short Love Poems by Sterling Hall
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