May I visit that secret place where your loves resides.
That secret place to most all others you quickly and desperately hide.

That pure and honest place where nothing but love reigns true.
That place where only those pure of deed and thought are allowed.
That place where accessible only those who, truly love you.

May I visit that place of pure awesome beauty and splendor.
Full of new discoveries for me, about your gentle loving soul
Godís glimpse of heaven, on this green earth too awesome
by my eyes, to behold.

May I visit that serene and hidden place where your true
compassion you conceal.

May I be that man you feel is worthy to receive the love, you,
this woman, so desperately wants to reveal.

May I be that special someone that you discover,

is that special person in your life, your soul-mate

your protector, best friend, your lover.
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Short Love Poems by Sterling Hall
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