Short Love Poem: Seasons of Love

The changing of the seasons denote a passage in time. Itís natureís timepiece for rejuvenation of the earth and all her children for whom she has provided sweet life.

Each season has its own distinct character and purpose: to fulfill Mother Earthís irrevocable commandments of sustenance for her young. Winter, spring, summer and fall. In succession they dutifully appear and usher in the next.

Winter, the time of rest, dormancy, contemplation, and absorption of the nutrients that feed the seeds of the new, from mother earthís bosom.

Spring, the birth of the new, the awakening of Mother Earthís smile; flaunting of her majestic beauty. A celebration of the christening of her offspring. Earthís debutante ball. Ring bearer of joy and the hostess of love.

Summerís heat, quiet and calm, give rise to still more newness and bold embraceable splendor that commands growth to natureís full potential.

Fall, the mantle of natureís beauty, with the age marks of maturity, wisdom, patience and virtue. It is from here, this season called fall, that the new gather the knowledge, that the seasoned, older and wise do now possess.

Marriage, lifeís union of loving souls, has its own seasons.

In spring, we create this new being, our marriage. Our offspring, its fruits. In summer, we bear witness to the culmination of this wonderful relationship, greater by far than either of us, itís individual parts. For our marriage is graced by Godís love, and our devotion. Strong and solid, wondrous and beautiful, likened to Mother Earth. Lifeís essence. That from which weíve
come and that to which we shall return. But not alone.

For our souls now joined in oneness, unity and happiness, yield way, and beckon the everlasting patience and wisdom of the season we call fall.

In winter, two people of different minds and souls, discover love. Seeking to bond as one forever and grow contently old.
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