Why My Love?

Why do I love you?
Itís because youíre you.

I love everything about you.
I love everything you do.

Itís not because youíre beautiful.
Though by any standard you are!

Itís not because of your intellect,
because youíre certainly above par.

Itís not because weíve journeyed and come so far,
Or the fact that youíve never changed the kind of person you are.

Itís not because of the beauty with which you adorned our home.
Itís not because youíve stuck with me, and never left me alone.

Itís because you are you.
Youíve been faithful and true.

And though these words are few,
itís how I feel about you.

You bring color into my black and white world.
I feel like a love-struck boy in love with a schoolgirl.

Youíre Godís gift to me of immeasurable value,
The joy you bring me is sincere and true.

These are the reasons why I love you.
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