My Sweet Caramel Lover

We lay with our fingers intertwined,
my palms in yours, and your palms
pressed against mine.

Our bodies touch—flesh against flesh,
your soft, tousled hair is gently pressed
on my cheek near my lips,
as my tongue searches for your mouth and
your tender kiss.

Tenderly I lower myself away
to shift my posture and adjust the way I lay.
So that I may gently caress
the tenderness of your sumptuous breasts.

Sliding still further, this lover seeks to uncover
not the obvious, but the other.
Chin now beneath your luscious thighs,
and I search to find the sweet wonder in your eyes.
That wonder you always try to disguise
until you erupt with passion and let out a sigh.

But alas, your eyes are closed.
You are now in that faraway place that only you know.
As you begin to rock; you rock to and fro’.

Silently, rhythmically I take advantage and savor
your body’s natural, delicious and enticing sweet flavor.
Round and round and round we go. When you climax—
speechless—your body tells me so.

You look playfully into my eyes, under the moonlight,
keeping your lovely face in my sight.
Tangling my fingers in your hair.
Then silence. Then Tickle. Then warmth. Then wetness.
For this moment, the world is perfect, and everything is just right.
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