A Womanís Smile

Awomanís simple smile can stir a sleeping manís soul.
It can turn a manís demeanor, from meek and mild to strong and bold.

The potent essence of a womanís natural sensuality,
can change a manís heart, indeed, his personality.

The manís mind conjures, adventures of fantasy;
his thoughts wandering aimlessly, in his imagined world of ecstasy.

We make loveóslow, intense, warm and sweet.
Delicious, tender and wet is the reward we seek.

The luscious forbidden fruit of love, at point of ecstasy,
causes you to lose control and defines a new reality.
Floating, your clenched and tense body returns from climax,
your lungs expand and breathe again, and your mind is forced to relax.

Across the bed, I see her silhouette, illuminated by evening moonlight.

I see the faint outline of her beautiful body, a treasure of sensuous delight.

As she lay there exhausted, a smile across her face,
I make a mental picture to forever remember this time and place.

I reflect and exhale gently, and release a quiet moan,
it feels good to be in each otherís armsóand not to be alone.
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