Real Love

If I ever lost you, my world would be flooded in a sea of tears. The storm of my grief would have the strength and devastation of torrential rains, and I would be consumed in utter darkness. Should I not experience your touch, my soul would wither and grow old; and if I couldnít hear your sweet voice, my world would become a silent void.

Without the warmth of your love, my darling,
my heart would harden like stone, stop beating and stand still in time.

My precious husband, all that I possess, I give to you;my mind, body, soul, and all that I am.

Iím your woman, your lover, and your wife. You shall not want, for I will give. You shall not hunger, for I will feed you. You shall not thirst, for I will bring
you drink. You shall not fall, for I will lift you up. You shall not worry, for I will bear your burdens with you, and my inner strength will keep you whole. Never doubt yourself, for I will have faith in you
and stand confidently by your side.

For it is you, my dear husband:
That commands my heart to beat, my alarms to sound;my senses to react, and my love to abound.

My thoughts of you release dizzying emotion,
unprecedented devotion and erotic mental notions.
I ride the waves of your raging seas and experience uncontrollable motions.

My muscles ache and my body yearns,
my vision blurs and my passions burn.

Your strong and potent sensuality, makes me abandon my personality; it changes my reality, and defines a new spirituality. Your love does wreak this havoc upon me, and this is my desire.
For itís because of you, my passion is on fire.

For only you, my love, the essence of my womanhood rages. My love is strong enough to endure throughout the ages.

I have but one life, and one soul to give; I willingly place them in your trustworthy and compassionate arms. For you are my lover, my husband,my friend.
I am bound to you forever. This woman, this manóour souls united.

As one soul we live, we love, we triumph together.
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