Covenant of Love

The essence of her beauty emanates
from deep within her soul;
A strange power so lovely and wonderful,
its origin unknown.

She is so special, spectacular,
and awesome to behold;

Her touch is like heaven on earth,
and her gaze ignites my soul.

Her delicate love once given,
so willingly, so invitingly; and excitedly.

Her natural fragrance so raw,
so potent and tantalizing.

Her playful laugh, as wistful as
a summer evening breeze.

Her gift of love is a wondrous delight,
a uniquely sensual and pleasing sight;

Witness the splendor before you
within the depths of her soul;

No, you dare not touch,
it is only to behold.

Before you lies a precious sight,
a beautiful vision of splendor on a dark and lonely night.

A jeweled necklace of brilliant color
on the stark neck of a cold, dark and lonely world;
only her presence and her warmth causes emotions to unfurl.

Her delicate and fragile love,
needs to be nurtured and protected;
cherished, valued and always respected.

For here lies a love once lost,
never to be found.

O’ precious beauty,
you beckon only to me;

I am drawn to you hopelessly.
My princess in eternity.
with my heart, I take you with me.

I hunger and thirst with desire
waiting to be fulfilled by your love.

For you are my sustenance;
my sunlight, oxygen, my strength—everything I need.

I will shower you with love and honor.

I reaffirm to you that our love is secure;

I come to you with conviction and thoughts that are pure.

I would be cursed and damaged beyond repair
should I forsake your love or cause despair.

And there shall I lie for all eternity,
bearing the weight of countless burdens
as my destiny.

I have come to you honestly,
bearing the truth of my soul;
sharing a lifetime of commitment is my only goal.

So consume my earthly life;
embrace my gift of love.

And have me. I’ll be true.
Forever and for eternity,

I’ll be bound to you!
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