Wistful Thinking

If asked to describe your wonderful presence, I would merely say:

I love how your eyes glisten like the noon-day sun.
I love the certain sparkle in your eyes that teasingly tells me
there is something mysterious about you, waiting to be discovered.

I love to watch your graceful walk, as you glide throughout your day.

Itís like watching a floating butterfly or a skillful, poised ballet.
Itís like the gentle feel of a new loverís whisper in your ear.

I love your body sculpture; your perfect shape and adoring smile.

I love your wonderful mind; full of clever, sensuous and naughty thoughts.

I love your special laughter that dances in the air.

You are wonderful my dear; warm, kind and generous too. You attract people of positive energy to you like bees to honey; your love is wonderful

Like the scent of jasmine and the sweetness of honeysuckle.
For you are as sweet, as beautiful, as natural, and wonderful a woman as I could ever want, hope for, or imagine.

For you are the wonderful, wonderful you.
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